Posted by: plum99 | April 29, 2010

What else can I do with…matchsticks

Colorific Matchstix are another of those classroom staples that you can never have enough of.

Coloured Matchsticks

These colourful little sticks of fun can be glued with regular glue, but for extra strength use PVA.

  • Plantation Timber: Colorific wooden craft items are made from quality plantation timber.
  • Coloured with food grade colourants: safe for students and the environment.
  • 5cm x 2mm:  Great size for craft projects. Can be cut, glued, bent, snapped, joined together for strength.
  • Bulk packs: 3,000 plain match sticks and 4,000 coloured match sticks, plenty for the whole class.

So just in case your students are not inspired by their natural woody texture and their gorgeous colours, well…What else can I do with matchstix?

  1. You can use them to ‘stitch’ foam sheets together, keep polystyrene balls together and push into dough to reinforce sculptures.
  2. Matchsticks can be used to build any (and we mean any) model structure you can imagine…don’t believe us? Just google Matchstick models…
  3. Cover boxes with matchsticks for a colourful storage ‘gift’.
  4. They make excellent maths learning aids for ‘groups of’ work.
  5. They are perfect for mini flower stems.  Use large star sequins for the flower heads, and poke into dough for garden beds.  Cut out leaves from paper and stick them to matchsticks – push these into balls of dough or poly balls to make gorgeous trees.
  6. They are just perfect for animal legs…bodies from dough, plasticine, corks, polystyrene balls, cardboard rolls, you name it…it would make a great animal body.
  7. Wing supports – cut wings out of lovely cellophane and glue or tape matchsticks around the wings for support and colour.  Use stems for the body and make a beautiful butterfly.
  8. Make mug mats – glue matchsticks onto some stiff cardboard in nice patterns.  Seal with a layer of PVA glue or clear contact.  You could glue a layer of felt to the underside to further protect the table – makes a nice mother’s day gift!
  9. Make tiny woven ‘god’s eyes’ with cotton or wool scraps and a centre cross from matchsticks – make a collection and create a tiny mobile for a room diorama, or pencil topper.
  10. Just the right size for miniature dioramas – great as street lights (with blobs of Dough Worx on the end for the light) or street signs (with paper for the sign), trees (bend a few so that they split but don’t snap off then tape them together around the middles so the bent out parts form tree branches – use paper or lovely coloured pom poms for foliage), people, accessories such as skis and stocks, umbrellas, walking sticks, miniature pencils and pens (you could even sharpen the edges on sandpaper and try and write tiny notes by dipping in paint).

There are a few to get you started…what else can you do with matchsticks?  Got any brilliant ideas to share with the group?


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